The 13th amendment

In my History of the Americas class during freshman year, we watched a movie about the thirteenth amendment, simply titled “13th”. I would call it a “documentary”, but at least they tried. Participation medals are still a thing, right? For anyone who doesn’t know, the thirteenth amendment states “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” Essentially, you can’t be forced to do any work that you don’t want to, unless you’ve gone through due process.

The film begins by stating that slavery still exists in America. Not only do white people make blacks commit crimes and imprison them, but we also force them into manual labor after doing so. Supposedly this is, in effect, slavery. They just forget to stop and answer one question. Why are all of these people committing the crimes? Ben Shapiro has even provided us with the statistic that African Amercians only make up 13% of the population (ironic number), yet they commit 50% of the crime. Yes, if this was a debate, you could always play the victim card and say that they live in poor neighborhoods where they’re forced to commit crimes. Or you could even make the outrageous claim that white people just arrest blacks out of nowhere, and claim they were committing crimes.

The fact is, neither of those are true. Everything you do is a choice, no matter what. Fortunately, they didn’t use the standard argument of white privilege ruling over everything else. Out of all the people I know, only a few of them actually disagreed with the movie. Sadly, he moved away this school year. Maybe I can visit him after I move back to Reno, since he only lives in vegas. His family’s window tinting in las vegas business must be doing amazing if they can afford to move the whole family. Still, I don’t think we should have watched that in my class. It’s specious, I’ll give them that. Because of how well the documentary was put together (aside from all of the “facts”), it appears to be real. Juniors at a high school don’t  have access to that kind of information, so they all believe it’s real. If we put together a movie that completely disagreed with this one, but the only people who saw the film had never seen 13th, they would have a fundamentally different view.

The kinds of music that I’m into

Part of me feels like I’ve already covered this topic in another article, but it could just be that I’ve brought it up a few times without ever addressing it as the focal point. In any event, here’s a sole article dedicated to my interest in music. I’ve pretty much always liked all kinds of music, including small amounts of rap (to some degree). As I have grown older, I’ve gradually moved away from country and rap and started listening to more old music. Big band music from the 50s helps me focus when I’m working because there’s no lyrics. I was just recently talking about this with my friend in Miami. He uses music as a way to destress when he feels overwhelmed from his hood cleaning in miami business. I’d feel overwhelmed too, if I had that many clients on daily basis

White noise helps me a lot with focus, to the point where I can’t really sleep unless I have my fan running. I’m not sure what it is about music that helps me, I just know that it does. Most people from my school would  dislike all the music that I listen to, just from what I’ve heard them say about it. Music from the 1940s through now just sounds good to me. Rock from the 60s to the 80s is really good, and there’s some okay stuff in the 90s and early 2000s but now it’s all just alternative music like Nirvana which I don’t really care for. There are a few exceptions, like the Strokes and the Hives. They started out around the early 2000s, but their music is great. The Strokes are definitely the greatest modern rock band.

The Hives are okay, I just really like some of their songs. The rest of their songs are trash. They have a “high-energy” style, as they call it sometimes. It just means that they do really fast exciting music. I like listening to music that I like on a Walkman, because it just feels cool to have the technology. Plus my walkman only needs AA batteries, so I don’t have to charge it all the time. During the summer I was going to get some of my boss’s old 80s music tapes, but we couldn’t find any of them in his garage.

Garfield would be disappointed in me

Today wasn’t actually that bad, even for a monday. I slept in half an hour this morning, even though I’m still pretty exhausted.  The weather is supposed to be good this week. Even though it’s fall, the temperature was around the mid-70’s throughout the day.  My ASL teacher roasted the dumb freshmen in my class was pretty great. I hate them. We were assigned into groups today in my economics class, but that was okay because both of my friends in that class were absent. My english teacher from last year came and talked to us about the IB economics test, where we can get college credits.

He’s the IB coordinator now, so he doesn’t have his own classroom anymore. I’m not sure who they put in his old room. It’s probably just empty. We talked about a real topic in my english class today, which caught me completely off guard. And I was ready to have a good 70 minute nap. We discussed translation and then watched these videos where people translated through five different languages and then back into english. It’s like a game of telephone. At lunch, I sat next to my friend and we talked about what we were going to do after high school. He told me how much he loves working with pets, and started telling me about his plans to start a pet care business in Playa Vista.

I just told him that he’d have some stiff competition, because there’s already amazing dog boarding down there. The rest of lunch was pretty boring, because I had to work on my personal essay. It’s for my senior project class. We did the rough drafts last week, and I finished the final daft today during lunch. I forgot to double space it because the final draft was a separate document, so hopefully I can talk to my teacher about it. I’ll include the essay in my next post. It’s about my  greatest challenge, and overcoming my fears or something like that. Pretty interesting stuff. I don’t want to spoil any of the amazing details, but there’s a twist at the end

The different zodiac signs

I’m just going to assume that everyone who reads this article has also read our about page, which details info about me and my zodiac. I am a virgo, and I was born on September 19th. Typical virgo traits are being analytical, worrisome, and shy. I also share a birthday with Jimmy Fallon. My friend Joan (male) shares a birthday with Jimi Hendrix, which is November 27th. He’s a sagittarius, and they’re supposed to be extroverted and optimistic. Joan and I were actually talking this morning about what we were going to do once we graduated, and he told me that he might move to Las Vegas.

He said that he’s probably going to look into purchasing property so he can make an income from renting it out. Fortunately for him, I know of a place to go for Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Special Use Permits. Now all he has to do is move there, and he can start making money as soon as he gets there. I’m not sure why, but whenever I see something online that mentions a scorpio, it’s usually negative. My cousin Gabe is a scorpio, and he’s a pretty terrible person, so I guess that makes sense. His birthday’s on Halloween. Steph’s birthday is on July 15th, so she’s a cancer. They tend to be fragile and emotionally complex people. Lots of emotional stuff.

On the plus side, she’d make a good liberal. Since we’re on the subject of birthdays, my mom’s birthday is actually today. No joke. I’m gonna call her and wish her a happy birthday when I get home from the office. I sent her a card a week ago, but she never told me that she got it. Rebecca never did, either. We actually used to have a book with all of the zodiac signs and what they meant when I was a little kid. The book itself had a ton of information on astrology and other things, but I don’t really remember what the actual purpose of the book was. It was probably just some big encyclopedia-esque book that had a bunch of info on random stuff.