About Us

Welcome to Astrology Charts Online! We use some voodoo space magic and guess what today is going to be like for you.

What are astrology charts, you ask? Except you didn’t ask, I just read your mind. That’s the power of astrology. We look at the stars and determine personality traits of yours. They’re definitely not ambiguous or general to the point that they apply to everyone. Here, I’ll provide an example for you. Just to disprove all of the nonbelievers.

As a baby, you were prone to crying whenever something upset you. At night, you enjoy resting until the morning when you wake up. Your body is made up of 55-60% water. Spooky, isn’t it? Did I get everything right? Of course I did, because the stars above guided my path. If you think you have what it takes, make sure to visit our contact us page so you can leave me with your information.

You probably don’t have what it takes, because I’m the only true person who can see the stars. It’s both a gift and a curse.

My birthday is 9/19, so I’m a virgo. I’m on the cusp, though. Every time I google Virgo traits it tells me something different, but generally they’re known for being highly analytical, hardworking, and practical. However, they are also known to be worrysome and shy. Virgos also hate being the center of attention. According to an anonymous information site that will remain unnamed, Virgos are also known for being modest, faithful, quiet, persuasive, good with reasoning and memory, and intelligent. They are known for intellect and typically like literature, math, science, and are “skilled at completing detailed work”.

I guess it makes since that I’m both gifted by the stars and intelligent. After all, what makes me special? I’m just one guy who can magically read your mind, tell you about your childhood/relatives/lost ones, ¬†and see into the future to see how your day is going to be

If all this stuff creeps you out, you can always visit one of those other sites, or “fakes” as I refer to them. I mean, seriously, tea leaves? How can you see the future by looking and scraps from a plant?