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Are you really meant for each other?  Have you finally found your soul mate?  Where is your relationship headed? Find out with the Friends & Lovers Compatibility Report.

Relationships are the source of our greatest pleasure and our greatest pain.  They are complex and difficult.  It is impossible for us to see them objectively.  Yet the greater the understanding each person has of the dynamics of the relationship, the greater the chance of success.

Friends & Lovers is an 18-25 page Astrology Compatibility Report that takes a fascinating look at your relationships.  Discover how well the two of you connect as a couple and what your potential for a deep, meaningful, lasting relationship is.  Find the answers to questions like:

Are we compatible? Is this a match “made in heaven”?
How do my individual strengths contribute to the relationship?
How do my partner’s individual strengths contribute to the relationship?
What is the ultimate potential of this relationship?
What are the areas of potential conflict?
How can I deal with the difficult areas of the relationship?
How do I approach relationships in general?
How does my partner approach relationships in general?

Friends & Lovers compares the birth charts of two individuals and prepares an in-depth profile of what’s happening between you astrologically.   It is available in two versions:  1) a romantic report for lovers, or; 2) a platonic report for friends, family members, business associates, etc.

Let Friends & Lovers reveal new insights into your relationships.

Price: $19.95
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