Garfield would be disappointed in me

Today wasn’t actually that bad, even for a Monday. I slept in half an hour this morning, even though I’m still pretty exhausted.  The weather is supposed to be good this week. Even though it’s fall, the temperature was around the mid-70’s throughout the day.  My ASL teacher roasted the dumb freshmen in my class was pretty great. I hate them. We were assigned into groups today in my economics class, but that was okay because both of my friends in that class were absent. My English teacher from last year came and talked to us about the IB economics test, where we can get college credits.

He’s the IB coordinator now, so he doesn’t have his own classroom anymore. I’m not sure who they put in his old room. It’s probably just empty. We talked about a real topic in my English class today, which caught me completely off guard. And I was ready to have a good 70-minute nap. We discussed translation and then watched these videos where people translated through five different languages and then back into English. It’s like a game of telephone. At lunch, I sat next to my friend and we talked about what we were going to do after high school. He told me how much he loves working with pets and started telling me about his plans to start a pet care business in Playa Vista.

I just told him that he’d have some stiff competition because there’s already amazing dog boarding down there. The rest of lunch was pretty boring because I had to work on my personal essay. It’s for my senior project class. We did the rough drafts last week, and I finished the final draft today during lunch. I forgot to double space it because the final draft was a separate document, so hopefully, I can talk to my teacher about it. I’ll include the essay in my next post. It’s about my greatest challenge and overcoming my fears or something like that. Pretty interesting stuff. I don’t want to spoil any of the amazing details, but there’s a twist at the end

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