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Order a Personal Profile Astrology Report and receive a FREE Career Report.

The Personal Profile Report is an exclusive 30-50 page “book” all about YOU. It provides detailed information on your inherent character and ultimate potential based on the planetary positions at the moment of your birth. This chart represents your unique life plan.

Find the answer to questions like:

What does life have in store for me?
What are my natural strengths and talents and how can I develop them to their full potential?
What are my biggest challenges in life and how can I make the most out of them?
What is my true inner purpose?
What direction should my life take?
How do I appear to others?

You are 1 of a kind, not 1 in 12!

You are truly one of a kind. Your birth chart is uniquely your own – no two are the same. Your Personal Profile Report reflects this.

Ever wonder why the “horoscopes” found in the newspaper are so vague? It’s because they are based only on the position of the Sun without taking into account your unique birth time or birthplace. Everyone falls into 1 of 12 categories! Well there’s a lot more going on in the heavens than just the position of the Sun! The Personal Profile Report takes into account the positions of all the planets and your unique birth information to provide a truly unique personalized profile just for YOU.

Move beyond “Sun sign” astrology and explore the inner depths of your personality with a Personal Profile Report.

Recognizing that men and women experience life differently, we offer two types of Personal Profile Reports — one exclusively for women and the other for men.

Price:  $19.95
(includes FREE Career Report)

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