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The Astrology Report for children (Child*Star) is a 35-40 page “book” exclusively about YOUR CHILD.  Child*Star is a Personality Profile Report written specifically for children from a parent’s perspective.  Instead of purchasing a generic book on raising all children, now you can purchase a book devoted exclusively to raising your unique child.

Child*Star describes your child’s world – family, educational inclinations, and emerging identity.  You’ll read about your child’s special skills and his or her relationship to you.  Child*Star reveals your child’s particular strengths and special gifts as well as pointing out areas where he/she needs special support and understanding.  It helps you instantly attune to how best to guide your child so you can nurture this special little being to his/her full potential. 

This report is direct, sensitive and encouraging.  It is filled with an awareness of the possibilities and challenges your child can look forward to in their life.  The author, Kathie Garcia, is a Montessori teacher who is intimately familiar with the challenges of child rearing and the importance of developing children to their full potential. 

Price: $24.95

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