The Top Three Best Orlando Restaurants

steakhouse and seafood orlando

Orlando is a big town. It may not be as big as the likes of New York City is, for example, but there are plenty of restaurants to go around. I have lived here for more than a few years, so it is safe to say that I have tried the vast majority of restaurants located within Orlando. A lot of  my friends are always struggling with deciding which restaurant to visit, as it’s not like you can change your mind once you are already there. If you struggle with choosing as well, then these reviews are for you.

seafood and steakhouse restaurant

I’ll kick these reviews off by talking about a seafood place/steakhouse. A lot of the seafood dishes that I enjoy are among my favorite foods to eat of any style of cuisine. Because of this, I love all seafood restaurants that I go to. I have eaten at all of the seafood restaurants in and around Orlando, so I definitely know what I’m talking about when it comes to this type of restaurants. Eddie V’s Prime Seafood and Steaks is located near I-Drive in Orlando, and there are plenty of other great restaurants nearby. However, this one takes the cake.

There are a ton of great dishes here that I love, and I am going to list all of them. For the majority of my visits here, I have ordered the Maryland style crab cakes. Something about crab cakes makes me crave them, especially if the chefs make a really good sauce to accompany them. However, I also really love the lobster bisque and sea bass. Even if you are not that much into seafood, that’s why Eddie V’s Prime Seafood and Steaks also serves the latter.

I am curious to meet the chefs who work here, because they are really good at what they do. You can really taste how fresh all of the ingredients are, and there will never be any impression that you are eating canned food or preserved food. That’s another thing that I love about this Orlando restaurant so much. No matter how many times I come back, it is like the chefs will never be able to run out of fresh ingredients. I have only eaten one of the steaks in the past, but I assure you that it was just as good as the seafood.

Steaks just aren’t really my thing. If you happen to bring a picky eater to Eddie V’s Prime Seafood and Steaks with you, they will definitely be able to find something that they will enjoy on the menu. Just because I like seafood does not mean that I will be able to know exactly what I want whenever visiting a restaurant for the first time, though. That is exactly the issue that I encountered when eating here for the first time, and fortunately for me this is where the amazing staff come in. Each one of the staff members has the entire menu memorized, which is no small feat.

Even for me, and I eat at this restaurant on a regular basis. They will always be able to find something on the menu that you will enjoy. Make sure to save room for dessert though, because the bananas foster is just as good as the entrees themselves. If you do enjoy your food (which is extremely likely), then don’t forget to let the management know how they did. If there is one thing that Eddie V’s Prime Seafood and Steaks is not short of, it’s positive online reviews.

orlando grill restaurant burgers

For those of you who don’t like seafood OR steak, there is a mental hospital not far from I-Drive. Once you’re certain that you’re fine, maybe Teak Neighborhood Grill will pique your interest. This time around, you will be eating in West Orlando. There are plenty of activities nearby, both involving eating and not involving eating. You’re just on the other side of the water from the Bill Frederick Park, so if you’re into walking in the sunshine then taking your food to go might be a good alternative as well.

I love eating my food on park benches when it’s not raining. Teak Neighborhood Grill also happens to have great food, but they don’t serve the same type of food so you can’t say that this it is better or not. All of these restaurants are unique, that way there cannot be any comparison between the three. However, that does not prevent them from having overlap. For example, the service and prices at Teak Neighborhood Grill are also very good.

Just like Eddie V’s. Not once have I overspent on a meal at this Orlando restaurant, which makes it easier for regulars like me to keep coming back. If you asked what my favorite dish to order from here is, I would have to say it’s the Drunken Monk burger. That is also the dish that happens to be mentioned most in Teak Neighborhood Grill’s great online reviews. The scalloped potatoes are also killer, but not everyone likes to eat those.

orlando hot krust restaurant

This last restaurant is located in Sand Lake, which is one of my favorite parts of Orlando. It should come as no surprise that Hot Krust Panini Kitchen is just as good as the other two restaurants. To avoid repeating the same info over and over, I will just state what makes this Orlando restaurant really special in comparison to the other two. Otherwise I’ll just end up sounding like a broken record. The one main thing that you need to understand about this restaurant is the sanitation here.

After spending a little over a year working for Orlando Hood Cleaning, I know what the inside of a dirty kitchen looks like. In the past I have caught a glimpse of Hot Krust Panini Kitchen’s kitchen, and I was pleasantly surprised. If you are a business owner who has not kept up on their kitchen’s maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us from our website at Never hurts to stay on top of your cleanliness, as it will give you yet another edge to prove yourself over your competitors. Anything you can do to get more amazing reviews, right?


The Top Three Restaurants in Phoenix

phoenix barbecue restaurant little miss

Last month marked my first visit to Phoenix, Arizona. I was visiting a friend who I have not seen in a while, and he was showing me all of the different cuisine that is offered in Phoenix. Phoenix is by no means  small town, so there were a lot of restaurants that we had to try. I was there for a week, after all. After returning, I am disappointed by the food in my hometown. So I’m going t reflect on the experiences I had in Arizona.

phoenix barbecue restaurant

The best restaurant that we tried was Little Miss BBQ. It was my friend’s personal favorite, so that had to mean something from the get-go. Also, I read a lot of the positive online reviews while we drove there and I was not disappointed. Little Miss BBQ is located near Rayburn Acres in Phoenix. The restaurant itself is only a block or two away from the Salt River, so if you’re into scenery then this is the place for you.

If you could find a bench, you could probably sit and eat your BBQ. My first impressions from he staff were good, as they greeted us with smiles. Although it was moderately busy, there were no issues getting a seat. It’s always nice to see a restaurant’s business flourishing, because that just means people like it. Once we were seated, there were no problems with our drink or food orders.

I wasn’t sure what to get because I’m kind of picky, but I was surprised at how many different options there were on the menu. There’s a different kind of barbequed meat for all people out there. Even if you’re jewish and can’t have pork. For those of you who are trying to eat healthier, Little Miss BBQ also serves turkey. Less fat in the meat. As we waited for our food, I made sure to take in the sights and atmosphere.

There’s no music blasting overhead, so this restaurant is already a few steps ahead of a certain Roadhouse named after a state. Little Miss BBQ has a very attractive interior, and the natural lighting from the windows really made it stand out. Nobody wants to be in a cold, damp cave. Unless they’re a bat, or a mushroom. My friend and I didn’t have to wait for very long before the food arrived, another pro to add to the list.

There wasn’t very much fat on the meat, even for pork. Brisket is either done really poorly at restaurants, or it is done very well. Little Miss BBQ’s meat falls into the latter category, which is likely why my friend likes it so much. One thing restaurant owners need to take into consideration when managing a BBQ restaurant is the kitchen’s level of grease. Grease is almost impossible to see as it evaporates, and only really appears once the kitchen’s grease trap catches it.

My friend works for some reliable restaurant hood cleaners in Phoenix, so I’m sure he as slipped the restaurant owner’s his number at some point. From what my friend told me, the business provides commercial kitchen equipment cleaning in addition to the standard hood cleaning. Might as well clean the other equipment while they’re already there, right?

He told me to read the about page if I was still curious about any other aspects of the business. I’ll have to do that sometime. There is not a doubt in my mind that Little Miss BBQ is the first restaurant I will visit upon returning to Phoenix. However, the other restaurants that I’m going to review do provide some stiff competition.

phoenix mexican restaurant

Next up, there’s El Chino Restaurante Y Cantina. I’m a sucker for good Mexican food, and the food from El Chino Restaurante Y Cantina is no exception. This time around, you will be eating in the warehouse district of Phoenix. There’s no problem with that, and it’s not terribly far away from the more residential areas of town. I don’t live in Phoenix though, so what would I know?

The staff here were also very friendly, and it’s hard for me to eat at restaurants with poor service now. Here, my friend and I both ordered the fish tacos. My mom introduced me to fish tacos when I was young, so it’s kind of a nostalgic thing for me. El Chino Restaurante Y Cantina has no shortage of great reviews, either. It’s a good thing that my friend didn’t just try to goof me and take me to bad restaurants, just to see if I would notice. The food here was excellent, and I’m not sure if I will be able to order anything else next time. Does ordering the fish tacos twice count as ordering another dish?

burgers and tacos in phoenix

Last but not least, the last Phoenix restaurant we ate at. This was one the final night, so I was expecting some sort of large final climactic dinner. There were no fireworks or tears, but the restaurant was still really great. The Dressing Room is located right in downtown Phoenix. Downtown Phoenix has so many different attractions that I can’t name them all. My friend and I saw a movie, so that’s one thing you can do.

There’s shopping and all sorts of other things as well. The Dressing Room specializes in both tacos and burgers, but I decided to order a burger since I had eaten fish tacos the previous night. Someone behind me had a churro ice cream sandwich, and that sounded really amazing. I didn’t have room after my burger, but next time I am definitely going to order it.

I ordered the RoRo burger, only because all of the amazing online reviews that I read praised it. The only dish that got anywhere near as many compliments was the burrito. Top-notch service and cleanliness added up as well, and it’s tough for me to decide exactly which restaurant in Phoenix is the best. On the plus side, that just means I have to keep coming back until I make a decision, right?