The different zodiac signs

I’m just going to assume that everyone who reads this article has also read our about page, which details info about me and my zodiac. I am a virgo, and I was born on September 19th. Typical virgo traits are being analytical, worrisome, and shy. I also share a birthday with Jimmy Fallon. My friend Joan (male) shares a birthday with Jimi Hendrix, which is November 27th. He’s a sagittarius, and they’re supposed to be extroverted and optimistic. Joan and I were actually talking this morning about what we were going to do once we graduated, and he told me that he might move to Las Vegas.

He said that he’s probably going to look into purchasing property so he can make an income from renting it out. Fortunately for him, I know of a place to go for Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Special Use Permits. Now all he has to do is move there, and he can start making money as soon as he gets there. I’m not sure why, but whenever I see something online that mentions a scorpio, it’s usually negative. My cousin Gabe is a scorpio, and he’s a pretty terrible person, so I guess that makes sense. His birthday’s on Halloween. Steph’s birthday is on July 15th, so she’s a cancer. They tend to be fragile and emotionally complex people. Lots of emotional stuff.

On the plus side, she’d make a good liberal. Since we’re on the subject of birthdays, my mom’s birthday is actually today. No joke. I’m gonna call her and wish her a happy birthday when I get home from the office. I sent her a card a week ago, but she never told me that she got it. Rebecca never did, either. We actually used to have a book with all of the zodiac signs and what they meant when I was a little kid. The book itself had a ton of information on astrology and other things, but I don’t really remember what the actual purpose of the book was. It was probably just some big encyclopedia-esque book that had a bunch of info on random stuff.

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