The kinds of music that I’m into

Part of me feels like I’ve already covered this topic in another article, but it could just be that I’ve brought it up a few times without ever addressing it as the focal point. In any event, here’s a sole article dedicated to my interest in music. I’ve pretty much always liked all kinds of music, including small amounts of rap (to some degree). As I have grown older, I’ve gradually moved away from country and rap and started listening to more old music. Big band music from the 50s helps me focus when I’m working because there’s no lyrics. I was just recently talking about this with my friend in Miami. He uses music as a way to destress when he feels overwhelmed from his hood cleaning in miami business. I’d feel overwhelmed too, if I had that many clients on daily basis

White noise helps me a lot with focus, to the point where I can’t really sleep unless I have my fan running. I’m not sure what it is about music that helps me, I just know that it does. Most people from my school would  dislike all the music that I listen to, just from what I’ve heard them say about it. Music from the 1940s through now just sounds good to me. Rock from the 60s to the 80s is really good, and there’s some okay stuff in the 90s and early 2000s but now it’s all just alternative music like Nirvana which I don’t really care for. There are a few exceptions, like the Strokes and the Hives. They started out around the early 2000s, but their music is great. The Strokes are definitely the greatest modern rock band.

The Hives are okay, I just really like some of their songs. The rest of their songs are trash. They have a “high-energy” style, as they call it sometimes. It just means that they do really fast exciting music. I like listening to music that I like on a Walkman, because it just feels cool to have the technology. Plus my walkman only needs AA batteries, so I don’t have to charge it all the time. During the summer I was going to get some of my boss’s old 80s music tapes, but we couldn’t find any of them in his garage.

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