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Other interesting sites:
Alternative Healing:
Holistic Junction — Your Pathway to Discovery
A community of people interested in all things holistic. Here, you will find what you need; share what you know; discuss what you’re not sure about. Create your own web site, participate in online forums (over 80 categories), peruse the Business Directory, publish your original articles, opinions, artwork, and so much more.

Self-Healing Expressions
Provides self-paced email courses on holistic topics. Site features guided meditation and holistic prayers. Course topics include Dreams for Healing, Pet Loss, Nutrition, Laugh Therapy, Healing the Earth, Wisdom of Thoreau, Journaling, and more.

Body, Mind & SoulHealer
Free your mind, body, and spirit naturally! Naturopath and medical intuitive, Dr. Rita Louise, Ph.D. a can help you identify what is really going on and provide you with straightforward guidance and advice. Find a full line of nutritional and health products.

Discover Health and Wealth….Alternative Health Products
Protect your health with simple, safe and effective health care alternatives. Herbal products for inner cleansing, organic nutrition supplements, detoxification. Wealth management resources and business opp in holistic health field.
Your future is at the tap of your fingers. For personality profiles, relationship readings and free horoscopes using the Feng Shui Astrology system – Nine Star Ki.

Xango mangosteen juice, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) for weight loss
Order Botox Barley green, HGH (Human Growth Hormone), Hydroderm, Barleygreen, Seasilver, Xango, Somalife, isagenix for weight loss, more energy and better health.

Alternative Healthzine
Wanna be healthy? Boost your health – naturally. Free articles on our site FREE health reports when you subscribe to our ezine.

SeaSilver Products
Have incredible energy all day and night!

Healing through Detoxification, Cleansing, Chelation, and Juicing
Information on body detoxification, colon cleansing, healing foods, herbal colon cleansing, oral chelation, juicing, heavy metal removal, and liver detoxification.

The Amazing World of Crystals
Aromatherapy, crystals, crystalhealing, the chakras, feng shui and ebooks galore. We have it all including spiritual counselling, tarot card readings and Egyptian astrology readings. A great site with something for all.

Shanti Village
Alternative medicine and natural healing website in Australia. Topics include Internal cleansing, oxygen colon cleansing, holistic colon hydrotherapy (colonics), fasting, other internal cleansing modalities, intestinal problems, cleansing equipment, parasite, liver and kidney cleanse, Zapper, colloidal silver, Ayurveda, flower essences, aromatherapy, acupuncture and more.

Find is building the web’s most complete astrology directory. Find astrologers by name, location or specialty. Find astrology organizations, conferences, classes and a whole range of astrology products. Call Robin Manteris for more information at 775-851-4883.

ANYARA – Aphorisms in the light of astrology
Wise, witty and inspiring quotations identified by the Zodiac sign of the author.

The Astrology Matrix
On-line interactive astrology reports (real-time astrology/ oracles), Astro*Index (Online encyclopedia), online astrology bibliography, real-time search for charts from 20,000 celebrity charts, and More.

Love Compatible Horoscopes
Love compatible horoscopes to find the perfect mate.

Live Astrologer
Live Astrology Readings by telephone. Consult top professional astrologers for advice & answers on love, money, your horoscope and future.

Psychic Realm – Psychic Readings, Free Horoscopes and Tarot
Psychic Realm provides online psychics for psychic readings, free horoscopes, and free tarot readings.

Free Birthday Greeting Cards. Gifts
Specialising in unique gifts made by women – birthday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, novelty gifts, dog gifts, unusual and inspired gifts for everyone.

Innova Pacific Saltlamps
Enhance your wellbeing effortlessly with beautiful saltcrystal lamps, nature’s ancient gift.

Wind Chimes Hand Tuned, Debulium Arts Home & Garden Gifts
Business, Home & Garden Gift Service: Gifts, handcrafted hand tuned wind chimes, volume adjustable anodized aluminum windchimes, feng shui windchime windharps, shepherd stake windharp, pink flamingo lawn ornament, rainbow chakra healing, Retail/Wholesale business.

Deja You Gifts – Unique and Affordable Gifts, Collectibles, and Home Decor
Online shopping for thousands of unique and affordable gifts, collectibles, watches, clocks, home decor, and special interest items. Our huge product selection, value-conscious pricing and low cost shipping offer make Deja You Gifts one of the best deals on the Net!

Gem Stones Gemstones Gems Crystals Minerals 14k 18k 22k Gold Custom Handmade Studio Art Jewelry Source
Hand made one of a kind custom lapidary, Metaphysical New Age moonstone moldavite sugilite pietersite opal amethyst sapphire ruby lapis tourmaline malachite agate quartz smoky elestial scepter shaman spheres carvings tumbled tiger eye varisite source.

Feng Shui Designs, Inc.
Providing products and services to the Feng Shui community since 1993. Offering a complete line of Feng Shui enhancements, products and blessed Feng Shui cures imported directly from sacred sites in China. Check here for current specials, often up to 50% off on selected items. FSDI also works in conjunction with a premier educational facility offering Feng Shui Practitioner Training and Guided Feng Shui Tours to China. All programs designed and led by Helen and James Jay.

Unique Gifts – Beautiful Astrological Charts
Artistic astrological charts and unique new age gifts. Choose from 25 colorful designs to turn astrology charts into works of art! Beautiful birth announcements and Zodiac birthday cards!
Crystals and handmade jewelry are as individual as we are. When the time is right, you will be drawn to the right ones for you. Find the right handcrafted jewelry, crystals and stones, healing properties of stones, crystal grids, and more.

True Incense
Finest quality incense, resin incense, gonesh incense, wholesale incense and large selection of incense sticks, cones and holders. Gift sets are available online. Top named brands.

Spiritual Sky Incense, Scented Oils, Cones, Natural Body Care
Complete selection of incense, scented oils, cone incense, natural soap, lip balm, luxurious scented gifts and inspirational living.

International business since 1993 intent on spreading positive symbolism through Feng Shui, Buddhism and original inspiration gifts.

Health & Wellness:
Fibromyalgia Support Center
Everything you need to know to live the life you want to live. A resource for those wanting to learn about fibromyalgia or learn how to fight the disease. Contains over eighty articles on fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

1 Back Pain Site

Info about conditions, therapies, exercises, and doctors who treat back pain. – Your Source for Tendonitis Information and Treatment Options
Are you suffering from tendonitis? offers information and treatment options about tendonitis, tendonitis treatment, tendonitis symptoms, tendonitis relief, tendonitis pain and more.

Health and Fitness
Health and fitness articles to empower the individual to make intelligent health choices. Save 25% – 75% on popular health products and fitness supplements. – Your Source for Bursitis Information and Treatment Options
At it is our goal to give readers an accurate source to research information that we believe will help educate them on Bursitis and treatment options.

Herbal Products:
A Herbal Connection
All natural herbal remedies, ointments and massage oils. Enjoy good health by using natural herbal products.

Awakening Spirit – Aromatherapy, Essential Oils and Herbal Products
The finest in personal care and aromatherapy products. Send your tired body on an exotic vacation, your stressed mind to Nirvana and let your awakened spirit soar with our custom blended all natural personal care products.

Herbal Spirit
Homemade herbal skincare and stress relieving products, magical herbal care also plus free recipes samples and message board.

IAmShaman Shop
Ethnobotanical Superstore with same day shipping and unparalleled quality for exotic entheogens with an extensive catalog of meditation supplies, books, and music.

Years to Your Health
Providing Herbs, Vitamins, Essential Oils, Extracts and Teas.

Eat More Herbs
This site is about the Herb of the Week email, herb books, herb photos, information how to use herbs, how to cook with herbs, how to make teas, tonics, shampoos, herb baths, sauces, lozenges, syrups, cosmetics, skin care, soaps and recipes.

New Age:
Symbols – Anything is Possible
This site is about the use of symbols in everyday life to guide in life choices and for confirmation or reassurance.

Marlene’s Niche:
Explore with us the interrelationship between our spiritual and material realities through a New Age focus informed by Astrology, Art, Esoterica, and World Religion.

Crystal Synergy
Brining together the sacred energies. Dedicated to all kinds of Alternative and New Age practices and philosophies. Includes information on arts, practices and beliefs which act to increase our experience of well-being, harmony, joy and consciousness in the Universe.

Webspirit New Age Resources
New Age Spiritual and Personal Growth Resource. EBooks for free download and purchase. Topics include Personal Transformation, How To, Alternative and Natural Healing, Contemplation and Inspiration, Internet Marketing, EBooks, Music and more great titles added all the time.

Psychics and Mediums Network
The place where mediums and psychics meet to chat and train. Home pages of the UK mediums Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker. The site has a massive paranormal resource with lots of real life stories and one of the busiest free Psychic Chat rooms on the web.

Voodoo Love Spells by Madame
Love, gambling, lotto, luck and money spells! Expert in Witchcraft and Voodoo, Psychic Tarot Card Readings, Astrology, Voodoo and Wanga Dolls, Talismans and Love Potions.

Dream Central
Visit Dream Central! All about dreaming!

Inspiration Peak

Pilgrims Mind Body Spirit Superstore
For books, audios, incense, tarot decks, healing crystals, etc., plus news, reviews, discussion group and new age link directory.

Personal Growth:
The most complete guide to information about Self-Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web. provides one of the most complete collections of Free Newsletters for Self Improvement and Personal Growth on the internet.

Happiness and Personal Growth
One of the most popular personal growth websites on the Internet, focusing on making your life happier.

Tools for Transformation
Tools for personal growth and transformation of body, mind and spirit – to free us of the shackles of the past by re-awakening awareness of our true identity in the present. Includes the free online book Transforming the Mind and many other resources.

Self-esteem for Women
This is the most popular self-esteem site for women on the web. Please join our thriving community, take our test and obtain free results & recommendations to improve your self-esteem today!

Dating Matchmakers
Offers unique astrology charts, Chinese astrology, love astrology, Indian astrology, Christian astrology, astrology signs. Online dating matchmaking services and tips on astrology, love romance and relationships. Dating services for Christian & Jewish singles in USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.

Love Compatible Horoscopes
Love compatible horoscopes to find the perfect mate.

Romance 101: Class Is In Session
Offers advice on love and romance. Articles, jokes, tips, quizzes, games and more.

The Best Online Dating and Astrology Sites
This site lists the best pay and free online dating services in a number of categories. It also has a section on astrology dating.

Dating Singles Personals!
Offers the highest quality online dating and personal ads services. Post free photo personals, chat, and much more!

Dr Dating
Offering dating advice, articles, and information for singles, as well as an extensive directory of dating web sites.

A Greater Date
Free Dating & Personals.

Top Synergy – Your Key to Successful Relationships!
Test your relationships for commitment, intimacy, passion and synergy with mathematical precision. Identify your best personal and business matches for successful relationships.

HoroscopeMatch International Dating Service
You’ve found your match, but will it last? Check your free astrology compatibility with Still searching? Use Western and Chinese astrology to find your ideal match.

Dating Select
First choice for today’s discerning singles.

Anything Romantic
Your online guide to romance.

Spiritual Development:
Simplicity of Spirituality
Information on spirituality, channeling, healing, consciousness advancement and personal growth. Free channeling with Kuntarkis. Site regularly updated with feature articles.

The Aumara Light & Healing Circle
Enrich your life with spiritual healing and powerful healing crystals, join us in global healing and meditation, browse our inspiration gallery and teachings library, and much for the traveler of the spiritual path.

Spiritual Light Journey
Spiritual services of counseling, groups/seminars, and informational ezine relating to spirituality, self-help, new thought, and metaphysics.

Spiritual Response Therapy
Experience profound healing through Spiritual Response Therapy! Discover the remarkable freedom from anxiety and stress. At last, higher quality of life and relationships, risk free!

World of the Spiritwalker
Where the Red Road and the Blue Road become One Path…

In Search of Happiness
The site includes spiritual and emotional advice concerning the pursuit of happiness relating happiness to spirituality and positive thinking and oneness with the creator. for Spiritual and Psychic Self-Development
A resource for spiritual and psychic self-development and the official home of the human potential, psychic self-development book, “A Moment with Eternity”.

Psychic Readings by Adrienne
A little about me and the spiritual readings that I do. A link also to my paranormal discussion group.

Om Sakthi Spiritual Movement
Interfaith movement to promote spirituality and peace in all faiths and religions through understanding and service to humanity.

Lotus Tarot
Alison Day’s site offers free online tarot card readings, card meanings, a learn tarot course, tarot articles and a discussion forum.

Aeclectic Tarot – Tarot Cards, Books, Readings & Community
Dedicated to the diversity & beauty of Tarot. See images of Tarot cards, read reviews of Tarot decks and Tarot books, learn about Tarot, receive Tarot readings, visit Tarot links, or join our Tarot community.

Women’s Sites:
Women’s Resource Center
Information on women’s health, beauty & sex tips. Join other women like you to use articles, free e-cards,
biorhythm calculator, online journal, forum and more!